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A wholesome feels story


Meet the Director

Kali Williams

For the past 10 years, I had been battling depression and anxiety. For a time, it took control of a lot of things in my life but the whole experience has taught me so much about the importance of having a healthy mindset, motivation, and self-care routine. One of the simple things I do to cheer myself up is surround myself with cute or sweet things (especially candles) that put a smile on my face. When things were a little more difficult, reading wholesome stories online also helped to brighten my day because it reminded me that if other people could overcome their struggles, then I could overcome mine.

This is why Wholesome Feels was founded... to make people smile, to brighten up their day. Beautiful smelling candles can have such an instant and therapeutic effect on our mind and soul, which is why our collections are carefully designed to evoke different kinds of positive feelings depending on what you need. On top of this, we understand the importance of being a socially responsible company, which is why take a lot of care in making sure that everything we offer is cruelty-free and sustainable.

So what we are offering are cute and sweet things that we love, and that we are sure will make you smile. And you don't have to feel guilty about it either. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a delightful experience for our customers, and we absolutely love getting feedback on our products. All of our products are carefully and lovingly designed with your self-care in mind. There has never been a more important time to make sure you are happy and treated, and we want to give you something special to complete your home and self-care routine. If you need more convincing, have a look at what people think of our products so far.

Read Our Reviews!

''The mood candle smells amazing!! Could not recommend it enough! I suffer from terrible anxiety and the smell really helped calm my nerves and really brought an uplifting presence in the whole room. Kali was very helpful when helping me decide the scent, she seems to know her product very well and provided excellent customer service. Made sure I was really happy. This is also my first time trying a coconut wax candle and it did not disappoint Will definitely be trying some of the other scents too!''

nIKKI, Southampton

Amazing business, great and easy to use website and the wax melts I received are beautiful. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Beth, Wales

I ordered a chocolate fudge cake candle and it smells amazing. Arrived so quickly and website was really easy to use. Would definitely recommend!

Courtney, UK

I am so glad I found this wonderful new website full of great gift ideas and I am absolutely delighted with my three Champagne and Roses Black Jar Candles just delivered - they are so elegant and the scent is gorgeous.  They arrived quickly and were extremely well packaged.  Thank you!

Angela, Brighton

''I was really surprised by how long my wax melts lasted, it was pushing 16 hours! I tried the chocolate fudge and champagne and roses wax melts and they boy smelled amazing, really true to the real thing. I'm not usually a fan of rose smellies but thought I would try this one, and am so happy I did. 5* products and service from Kali! Highly recommend!

Sarah, Manchester

''I tried the sweet fig diffuser and caramel delight candle and was very impressed by both. The scents smelled amazing and really brightened up the rooms they are in (bedroom and living room). The scents are strong and can be noticed as soon as you step through the front door. Clearly a lot of love and care has been put into it, the presentation and even the packaging which was all fully recyclable, sustainable and had no excess which was a nice touch. I definitely look forward to trying out some of the other scents in the future.''

Matt, London
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