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When starting our company, we knew we wanted to make sure that our products are ethically made. This made choosing our wax so much more important. In the course of doing research, we had looked into every sustainable wax imaginable offered on the UK market and are very proud to say that we have found an absolute gem in the form of coconut-soy wax. Not only does it produce beautiful candles, but it also has some pretty amazing benefits to both the environment and the candle lovers who choose them. So we are going to lay it all out for you here.


So probably the most common wax option out there chosen by eco-friendly vendors is soy wax. But unfortunately, the soybean industry is plagued by its use of pesticides and fertilisers to meet the ever-growing demand for soy products, as well as deforestation involved to create more soy fields. Soybeans can definitely be farmed in a sustainable way, but this isn't always the case in practice.

Right now, coconuts are being grown by small independent farms based in the Philippines and other parts of Asia, so using coconut wax also means a lot to us due to our Director's Filipino background. We are proud to be able to help support these independent farmers.


Coconuts don't need any additives during its growth due to the coconut's natural shell acting as protection from insects. It is produced by pressing coconut meat and the oil from the meat going through the process of hydrogenation, providing a clean and 100% natural wax.


Coconut wax burns cleanly as it doesn't release potentially toxic fumes the way paraffin wax does - check out an interesting study here about the potential effects of paraffin wax candles. You can also tell that a candle is low-quality when it produces a lot of soot and smoke. We want to encourage you to live your most wholesome life, which includes taking care of your health. This means we would obviously want to provide you with a high-quality product, and coconut wax allows us to do that by providing one of the best quality, clean & non-toxic burns.


Scent throw basically refers to the level of scent you can smell from your candle or wax melt, whether heated or unheated. Coconut wax blends perfectly with fragrances, and it can handle a lot of it. This makes the scent throw absolutely amazing and superior cold and hot throw to traditional candles and wax melts.


Alongside its clean burn, coconut wax is well known for its slow burn, meaning your candle or wax melt will last much longer than traditional candles; even up to 50% longer!

But it does have a small limitation... Our products are a blend of coconut-soy wax. This is simply because like with the coconut oil used for cooking, coconut wax has a very low melting temperature, whilst soy wax holds up better when it comes to temperature. So blending both waxes allows our product to not only withstand a reasonable temperature because of the soy part of the wax but also be more sustainable because of the coconut part of the wax.

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